What is Coaching?

So what is coaching exactly?
Coaching is a learning relationship but it is not learning in the traditional sense that many of us have. The client is not an empty vessel waiting to be filled with knowledge from the master. Coaching assumes that the client comes to the task with a vast amount of knowledge and skills to solve the challenges of their lives. Coaching is about supporting the client to find those answers, because in an information age, people don’t need more information, they need support to make better use of the information and knowledge that they already have. Coaches listen, encourage, support, question, challenge and co-plan with the client so that the client learns to manage the challenges of their own lives. The coach does not teach, they create an environment, which enables learning to occur.
How’s coaching different from counseling or therapy?
Counselors or therapists focus on working with disfunctional people and help them to become functional. They evaluate the past and work to correct behaviors. Coaches work with functional people and help them to become exceptunal. Instead of focusing on the past, we are more concerned with the future. We identify how you define success, your strengths and interests, what motivates and fulfills you, your values and priorities, and your action plan for the future. 
Coaching is all about self directed learning. As the client you decide what you want to learn and how you need to change or develop. The coach supports you along this learning pathway. Part of self directed learning requires you to learn more about who you are and how you learn best.  But don’t worry! I am here to support you in this process!
 Signs you might benefit from a coach:
  •       You are feeling stuck in your career and unfullfilled
  • You are unhappy with your current career and want to make a change
  • You want to enter or re-enter the workforce and don’t know where you can leverage your unique talents and interests
  • You are at a life cross-road and don’t know what direction to take
  • You find yourself “busy being busy” and want to find order in your life

This sounds great! What’s the next step?

Glad you are interested! The next step is to setup at 30 minute trial coaching session over the phone with me. This will allow us to get to know eachother and see if we are a good fit for a coaching relationship. Contact me directly at kellyolincoaching@gmail.com or 248-703-4024. 
Chinee philosopher Confucius put it:

“Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.”


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